Touch of healing

God bless the week, may we understand that we are the creators of our own illnesses and only we can heal ourselves.

Every disease can be healed. We just have to take an active role in finding out why we got sick. What do we have to learn? What parts of our lives do we need to change? Illness is just a passing thing and its a normal reaction of the organism to trauma and stress.  It is up to the individual how long does it take place.

There are so many people among us who have the power of healing and they can help you find out what massage does your illness hold. They can give you a recipe of how to get rid of destructive habits or negative thinking. But again you are responsible for you health! If you don’t follow the given guidelines and you are not willing to change, then nobody can help you. So be open and ready to change!

Change is a constant, don’t fight it, accept it and live it! See yourself as a healthy and balanced person, full of vital energy! Your body is working perfectly! Look inside, learn the truth and take action now!

Personal Mandala by Timea Varga, colored pencils, 2010