Mandala of knowledge

There comes a time, when we have to forget everything we were thought and remember the sacred knowledge we brought with us when we were born. It is more difficult to forget then to learn, but only with perfect trust in you own abilities and qualities will you be able to live a fulfilling life. You have to find your purpose, you have to figure out what do you want to do in your life! Until you don’t have a clear vision, you are just searching in the dark.

Listen to you heart! Deep inside you know what do you need to do!
Go for it, make it happen!

There are no borders or limitations. You can become anything you like and you can go anywhere you want. There is always a way, however sometimes you will have to work very hard to get there! Achieving a dream was never meant to be easy!

Have faith, be brave and persist!

There are no outer forces controlling your life! Only You have the power to shape or even change your destiny. Don’t let fear get in your way!

You are the Master of your life! Live and grow and never mind what others think you should do. Live joyfully and spread your light in your own unique way!

Mandala by Timea Varga, acrylic on canvas, 2009

Mandala of dreams

There are many kind of dreams. Some of them we don’t even remember,  yet some of them are so beautiful, it‘s hard to wake up. But some dreams are scarier then any thriller you ever seen.

Pay attention to your dreams! Especially the scary ones. They can help you look deeper into your subconscious mind and recognize your deepest fears. They also highlight the parts of your personality that you still need to work on. This can help you to overcome them, heal and transform.

Each dream carries a secret massage, which can be unlocked by understanding the symbols, that appear in it. To understand the language of your dream, you have to find out what do the appearing symbols mean to you personally.  How do you feel about the colors, people, objects, places? Do you feel safe, loved, sad, ashamed…?

If you write down your dreams and you try to analyze them, you will find out that they are much more then midnight movies playing in your head.

Dreams are adventures of the soul!

Mandala by Timea Varga, digital media, 2010