Mandala of knowledge

There comes a time, when we have to forget everything we were thought and remember the sacred knowledge we brought with us when we were born. It is more difficult to forget then to learn, but only with perfect trust in you own abilities and qualities will you be able to live a fulfilling life. You have to find your purpose, you have to figure out what do you want to do in your life! Until you don’t have a clear vision, you are just searching in the dark.

Listen to you heart! Deep inside you know what do you need to do!
Go for it, make it happen!

There are no borders or limitations. You can become anything you like and you can go anywhere you want. There is always a way, however sometimes you will have to work very hard to get there! Achieving a dream was never meant to be easy!

Have faith, be brave and persist!

There are no outer forces controlling your life! Only You have the power to shape or even change your destiny. Don’t let fear get in your way!

You are the Master of your life! Live and grow and never mind what others think you should do. Live joyfully and spread your light in your own unique way!

Mandala by Timea Varga, acrylic on canvas, 2009

Mandala of the solar plexus

Joy comes from honoring and loving yourself!

When we are happy, we feel centered and strong, we just know that everything is possible. We have the will and the power to make our dreams come true!

Yet there are days of loss and sorrow and we have to give ourselves time to
comfort and heal. But always stay strong and believe in an positive outcome! Don’t allow the sadness last too long!

Make little steps toward happiness. Spend time with your friends, play with your children, take your dog to a long walk in nature, listen to your favorite band or take a dance class. Do anything that makes you laugh! And when your heart is filled with joy – embrace it, because it makes anything possible!

So don’t worry, be joyful and celebrate life! Miracles will happen.

Chakra mandala by Timea Varga, colored pencil, 2008

Mandala of inner light

Are You feeling lost lately, maybe stuck? You have done so much, you gave so much, but it seems the world just isn’t appreciating it enough? Don’t be sad dear Spirit, sometimes the World isn’t ready to hear the music of one’s Soul. But never worry! Your light is very much needed in these dark times and soon the world will open its ears and notice your beautiful melody. And until the day arrives you have to learn to appreciate yourself and nurture your inner light! You have to become stronger, wiser and more forgiving.

So cherish what you have, love yourself without conditions, let go of the past, accept your own darkness and SHINE ON FOREVER!

Mandala by Timea Varga, colored pencils, 2008