Mandala of inner beauty

The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen. (Elisabeth Kübler-Ross)

Mandala by Timea Varga, watercolor pencils, 2012

Mandala of faith

Dear Friends! Another busy week is coming and maybe I will not be able to post new mandalas.

Today’s magic is short: Miracles happen when you least expect them. Have faith and go with the flow!

This is what happened to me. :) See you soon.

Trust is the magic that makes your dreams come true!

Love and light!

Mandala by Timea Varga, color pencils, 2012

Mandala of silence

There is time for music, laughter and self expression and there is time for complete silence. Learn when to stop and take a step back to see the whole picture.

Enjoy this peaceful moment and be thankful for it with all your being. Regain your energy, find new wisdom and prepare for the next step.

Love and Light.

Mandala by Timea Varga, digital media, 2011

Passion mandala

You can make all your dreams come true by sacrificing your laziness and waking up your true passion. Believe in yourself and organize your life around your dream.

Sometimes you may be confused by all the different paths you can take. Well the choice is always yours and there is nothing to be afraid of! Your heart will always guide you into the right direction. Choose the path that brings you joy, the one you will be able to walk on with passion. However sometimes you will not be able to understand why did you end up in some place or relationship. Be patient. time will give you all the answers.

Don’t take life to seriously, after all its just a ride. Enjoy it as much as you can and live it with passion and purpose!

You are beautiful and you deserve to be loved!

Mandala by Timea Varga, mixed media, 2012

Water Spirit mandala

I am the Spirit of the Water.
I am the Great Mother of Life.

As I travel the World,
The song of the Moon keeps me in motion.

I form valleys and mountains.
I wash away all poison.

I am the keeper of all secrets.
My knowledge is infinite.

I am a part of you.
And you are a part of me.
I gave you birth and I keep you alive.

Elemental mandala by Timea Varga, color pencil, 2012

Mandala of Divine Consciousness

We are all one and every separation is an illusion!

Compassion toward all beings is essential in order to reach true spiritual enlightenment. Never judge or criticize, just accept everyone for who they are. If you can help – ACT, when you must walk away – GO.

Life is a game. Enjoy it to its fullest but try to play it fair. Today it’s fashionable to believe that being selfish is a virtue, but there is a big difference between selfishness and self-esteem. One is powerful Ego, the other is strong Spirit. However in some situations you will need your Ego in order to survive. So don’t fight it, just accept it!

When you find yourself in a challenging situation with someone, don’t waste your energy on trying to change him, neither changing yourself for him. Focus on accepting your differences. Your mind is the only thing you can control.

BE AWARE OF YOUR THOUGHTS! You are the only thinker in your Universe and you are responsible for what you think of others.

Make peace with your Self and honor everyone, because….


What you create today inside, will manifest tomorrow outside.

Crown chakra mandala by Timea, color pencils, 2007

Mandala of gentleness

Love yourself deeply, without conditions! In order to be able to take good care of yourself you have to find your Inner Mother and make peace with her. She wants you to be happy, safe and healthy and she can teach you how to be gentle with your Inner Child and nurture yourself with love.

She can help you overcome past traumas and show you how to grow beautiful roses of compassion and forgiveness in your Soul’s garden . She is your guide and protector. Ask her for help when you have to fight your fears.

Be gentle and understanding with your children, family and partner. Accept and love yourself! This will transform your Heart and Spirit and bring healing into all your relationships!

Love and be loved! You deserve it!

Personal mandala by Timea, 2010

Mandala of Earth medicine

When you feel lost, anxious, depressed, unbalanced or demotivated GO OUTSIDE AND TOUCH THE EARTH.

Sit down on the ground and feel how Earth Mother takes away your worries deep into her center where they magically transform and return to you as blessings.

As you’re being grounded feel how Earth is healing you by filling you up with new strength and stability.

Be thankful for all the gifts and return to your home reborn!

I am the celebration of LIFE.
With patience I GROW.
With gratitude I DIE.
With love I BORN AGAIN.

I am HOME.

Mandala and poem by Timea Varga, 2012

Mandala of abundance

The Universe is abundant and you are being taking care of! Let go of all your financial worries! The more you trust your inner guidance, the more you experience the infinite flow of abundance coming into your life! Always keep in mind that prayer and a positive attitude can improve every situation!

See and feel, that you are fully supported! You can accomplish anything! When the moment comes, act without hesitation!


Mandala by Timea Varga, 2011

Mandala of Magic

Never, never, never stop believing in magic! When we are born we are aware of the love and beauty around us, we believe that everything is possible, that dreams can become alive. We believe that the fairy tales are true stories, that there are always happy endings, because good always wins. This belief is the most precious gift in life, without it we would be lost.

When we are growing up, our experience of what we have thought to be reality often takes away our dreams. Combined with traumas and broken hearts we stop believing. Life becomes a routine: breathing, eating, working, sleeping; with no place in it for miracles and magic, only sadness.

Never do this to any child! Don’t take away his dreams! Let him believe! Even if your past experiences convinced you that magic is not real. Look deep inside and find your long lost inner child. Believe in him/her, because he/she is capable of everything!

The happiest people on this planet are those who manage to keep alive magic. Who look at the world with eyes of a child, full of wonder and curiosity.

If you feel lost, wake up and believe again! Remember: MAGIC IS EVERYWHERE!

Mandala by Timea Varga, 2012

Heart chakra mandala

Dearest friends! The mandala oracle is back! Its been nearly a month since I last wrote and I feel hat the time is right for a new message. :)

If you want love, start with loving yourself!

Take good care of your body and do what it takes to keep your Spirit uplifted and strong. Never search your happiness in others, because only you are responsible for your life! Those who are sad, cannot give happiness, and those who are angry with themselves, can never be satisfied. If you are not quite happy with your life, your looks or your personality change something and accept the things that cannot be changed!  Learn to make yourself happy! The key of change is inside your heart! Your pure, magnificent, loving heart!

It is magic in creating our reality, because in general its all about perspective. There is no straight line between good and bad. In every bad thing, there is a hidden blessing, and in every good lies a possibility of suffering. So no matter where you are, always remember that you are in the right place at the right moment and your Soul needs that experience in order to learn and grow. Everything has its purpose! We all have past traumas, we all have suffered, we all experienced loss and failure. But all these painful experiences made us stronger and wiser too!

Trust your Creator, God, Universe, Angels or whoever you believe guides you! You are deeply loved and you can be happy if you want to! Its only a matter of choice! Make the decision today! Forgive yourself, be hopeful and positive! Take care of yourself, be gentle, love yourself and create yourself a life that brings you love and happiness!


Heart Chakra Mandala by Timea Varga, 2007