Mandala of balance

Believe in yourself and treasure your talents! Everything is balanced in your world!

Trust life and know that You are always in the right place at the right moment.  Learn from your past, have faith in the future, but always be present!

Don’t let anyone to take away your dreams! Believe in yourself, because this is your life and all the answers you seek are already in you! Allow yourself to live in your own rhythm!

Be thankful for the Sunny days of your life, but appreciate also your Nights. Because in the daylight you experience, but in the night-time you grow. And when the morning follows a dark night, the Sun always shines brighter then ever before.

In the Universe everything works in perfect harmony and Nature is our greatest teacher. Learn from the plants, the animals, the rocks, weather, fire, water, earth and air how to find balance and live a joyful life!

You are magnificent and You have everything You need!

Mandala by Timea Varga, colored pencil, 2009

Mandala of communication

Most conflicts are caused by misunderstanding or misinterpreting others and they can be easily solved with a heart to heart conversation.

So don’t allow anger to take part in a particular relationship! Negativity leads only to more pain and sorrow. Learn to hear and understand others and always speak the truth! But remember: Never use honesty to hurt someone. If you cannot say something constructive, rather stay silent.

Learn to speak with love and listen with compassion!

Mandala by Timea Varga, colored pencil, 2008

Mandala of clear visions

Stay focused on what you want, be brave and follow your dreams!

The road that leads to your deepest desires is often lonely and hard. So don’t expect any support neither help from others. This time only you can help yourself! This is why its so important to accept, nurture and love yourself! Because If you believe in yourself, you can rely on yourself!

So just do it!

There will be always someone who will try to convince you that there are more important things to do then following a childish dream. They will tell you, that you are just a fool. They will even laugh at you.

But no matter how many times you fall down, never stay down! Look up to the sky, ask the Heavens for help, RISE UP and follow the guidance! It’s wroth it!

No matter what they say, no matter haw heartbreaking it is sometimes, you have to stick to your dreams and keep walking toward them with a clear vision of what you want!
When you meet someone, who supports you, be thankful with all your heart! A true friend is a biggest treasure you can find!

Believe in yourself, always follow your heart and keep your mind wild open!

Mandala by Timea Varga, colored pencil, 2010

Mandala of the solar plexus

Joy comes from honoring and loving yourself!

When we are happy, we feel centered and strong, we just know that everything is possible. We have the will and the power to make our dreams come true!

Yet there are days of loss and sorrow and we have to give ourselves time to
comfort and heal. But always stay strong and believe in an positive outcome! Don’t allow the sadness last too long!

Make little steps toward happiness. Spend time with your friends, play with your children, take your dog to a long walk in nature, listen to your favorite band or take a dance class. Do anything that makes you laugh! And when your heart is filled with joy – embrace it, because it makes anything possible!

So don’t worry, be joyful and celebrate life! Miracles will happen.

Chakra mandala by Timea Varga, colored pencil, 2008

Mandala of dreams

There are many kind of dreams. Some of them we don’t even remember,  yet some of them are so beautiful, it‘s hard to wake up. But some dreams are scarier then any thriller you ever seen.

Pay attention to your dreams! Especially the scary ones. They can help you look deeper into your subconscious mind and recognize your deepest fears. They also highlight the parts of your personality that you still need to work on. This can help you to overcome them, heal and transform.

Each dream carries a secret massage, which can be unlocked by understanding the symbols, that appear in it. To understand the language of your dream, you have to find out what do the appearing symbols mean to you personally.  How do you feel about the colors, people, objects, places? Do you feel safe, loved, sad, ashamed…?

If you write down your dreams and you try to analyze them, you will find out that they are much more then midnight movies playing in your head.

Dreams are adventures of the soul!

Mandala by Timea Varga, digital media, 2010

Mandala of hope

You can make it! Don’t be afraid of failure, stay focused and continue to go on!

Life is beautiful! And even if it’s very challenging sometimes, there is always hope! Persistence and a positive attitude can lead to success. However we all have to learn the difference between things that we really need, and things only our Ego desires.

Ask yourself: Is this what I want? Do I really need this?

If the answer is yes, then GO FOR IT without hesitation. But if the answer is no, LET GO and hope for something better.
Sometimes there are steps, that are too difficult to take, decisions too hard to make and fears almost impossible to overcome. But there is always HOPE! Just keep on!

Mandala by Timea Varga, digital media, 2010

Mandala of inner light

Are You feeling lost lately, maybe stuck? You have done so much, you gave so much, but it seems the world just isn’t appreciating it enough? Don’t be sad dear Spirit, sometimes the World isn’t ready to hear the music of one’s Soul. But never worry! Your light is very much needed in these dark times and soon the world will open its ears and notice your beautiful melody. And until the day arrives you have to learn to appreciate yourself and nurture your inner light! You have to become stronger, wiser and more forgiving.

So cherish what you have, love yourself without conditions, let go of the past, accept your own darkness and SHINE ON FOREVER!

Mandala by Timea Varga, colored pencils, 2008