Mandala of Magic

Never, never, never stop believing in magic! When we are born we are aware of the love and beauty around us, we believe that everything is possible, that dreams can become alive. We believe that the fairy tales are true stories, that there are always happy endings, because good always wins. This belief is the most precious gift in life, without it we would be lost.

When we are growing up, our experience of what we have thought to be reality often takes away our dreams. Combined with traumas and broken hearts we stop believing. Life becomes a routine: breathing, eating, working, sleeping; with no place in it for miracles and magic, only sadness.

Never do this to any child! Don’t take away his dreams! Let him believe! Even if your past experiences convinced you that magic is not real. Look deep inside and find your long lost inner child. Believe in him/her, because he/she is capable of everything!

The happiest people on this planet are those who manage to keep alive magic. Who look at the world with eyes of a child, full of wonder and curiosity.

If you feel lost, wake up and believe again! Remember: MAGIC IS EVERYWHERE!

Mandala by Timea Varga, 2012