Between light and dark

Dear friends,

It’s been a long time since I last posted on my blog. I am going trough some big changes and there are many things that need to be sorted out and completed – so I don’t really have time for writing. I am full of  visions and new ideas – sometimes I can’t even fall asleep because my mind is filled with so many things and I get frustrated, because I know that its impossible to manifest all my ideas – time is my enemy here. But I guess this is just part of my learning process. And also I believe in divine order, so I know that everything is going to be alright – well, already is. Right?

Recently I am working on a complete redesign of my website – I don’t know yet, when will it be done, I just know that it does not represent me anymore, It is just a memory of someone I was in the past. I am not the same person anymore. Life happened, I grew and I changed. However today I managed to update my about page :). The rest can wait a little while. I am also working on a mandala store, that I am going to set up on Etsy. It will be up after Halloween. ;)

It’s almost midnight so I say goodbye with a very special mandala and a short poem I just wrote:

Floating between light and dark
What is right and where do things turn wrong?
Maybe I will never know….
I am just dancing in the dark
with immortal light in my heart.

I accept.

Sweet dreams! With much love, Timea


Passion mandala

You can make all your dreams come true by sacrificing your laziness and waking up your true passion. Believe in yourself and organize your life around your dream.

Sometimes you may be confused by all the different paths you can take. Well the choice is always yours and there is nothing to be afraid of! Your heart will always guide you into the right direction. Choose the path that brings you joy, the one you will be able to walk on with passion. However sometimes you will not be able to understand why did you end up in some place or relationship. Be patient. time will give you all the answers.

Don’t take life to seriously, after all its just a ride. Enjoy it as much as you can and live it with passion and purpose!

You are beautiful and you deserve to be loved!

Mandala by Timea Varga, mixed media, 2012

Mandala of Magic

Never, never, never stop believing in magic! When we are born we are aware of the love and beauty around us, we believe that everything is possible, that dreams can become alive. We believe that the fairy tales are true stories, that there are always happy endings, because good always wins. This belief is the most precious gift in life, without it we would be lost.

When we are growing up, our experience of what we have thought to be reality often takes away our dreams. Combined with traumas and broken hearts we stop believing. Life becomes a routine: breathing, eating, working, sleeping; with no place in it for miracles and magic, only sadness.

Never do this to any child! Don’t take away his dreams! Let him believe! Even if your past experiences convinced you that magic is not real. Look deep inside and find your long lost inner child. Believe in him/her, because he/she is capable of everything!

The happiest people on this planet are those who manage to keep alive magic. Who look at the world with eyes of a child, full of wonder and curiosity.

If you feel lost, wake up and believe again! Remember: MAGIC IS EVERYWHERE!

Mandala by Timea Varga, 2012

Mandala of clear visions

Stay focused on what you want, be brave and follow your dreams!

The road that leads to your deepest desires is often lonely and hard. So don’t expect any support neither help from others. This time only you can help yourself! This is why its so important to accept, nurture and love yourself! Because If you believe in yourself, you can rely on yourself!

So just do it!

There will be always someone who will try to convince you that there are more important things to do then following a childish dream. They will tell you, that you are just a fool. They will even laugh at you.

But no matter how many times you fall down, never stay down! Look up to the sky, ask the Heavens for help, RISE UP and follow the guidance! It’s wroth it!

No matter what they say, no matter haw heartbreaking it is sometimes, you have to stick to your dreams and keep walking toward them with a clear vision of what you want!
When you meet someone, who supports you, be thankful with all your heart! A true friend is a biggest treasure you can find!

Believe in yourself, always follow your heart and keep your mind wild open!

Mandala by Timea Varga, colored pencil, 2010

Mandala of dreams

There are many kind of dreams. Some of them we don’t even remember,  yet some of them are so beautiful, it‘s hard to wake up. But some dreams are scarier then any thriller you ever seen.

Pay attention to your dreams! Especially the scary ones. They can help you look deeper into your subconscious mind and recognize your deepest fears. They also highlight the parts of your personality that you still need to work on. This can help you to overcome them, heal and transform.

Each dream carries a secret massage, which can be unlocked by understanding the symbols, that appear in it. To understand the language of your dream, you have to find out what do the appearing symbols mean to you personally.  How do you feel about the colors, people, objects, places? Do you feel safe, loved, sad, ashamed…?

If you write down your dreams and you try to analyze them, you will find out that they are much more then midnight movies playing in your head.

Dreams are adventures of the soul!

Mandala by Timea Varga, digital media, 2010