Between light and dark

Dear friends,

It’s been a long time since I last posted on my blog. I am going trough some big changes and there are many things that need to be sorted out and completed – so I don’t really have time for writing. I am full of  visions and new ideas – sometimes I can’t even fall asleep because my mind is filled with so many things and I get frustrated, because I know that its impossible to manifest all my ideas – time is my enemy here. But I guess this is just part of my learning process. And also I believe in divine order, so I know that everything is going to be alright – well, already is. Right?

Recently I am working on a complete redesign of my website – I don’t know yet, when will it be done, I just know that it does not represent me anymore, It is just a memory of someone I was in the past. I am not the same person anymore. Life happened, I grew and I changed. However today I managed to update my about page :). The rest can wait a little while. I am also working on a mandala store, that I am going to set up on Etsy. It will be up after Halloween. ;)

It’s almost midnight so I say goodbye with a very special mandala and a short poem I just wrote:

Floating between light and dark
What is right and where do things turn wrong?
Maybe I will never know….
I am just dancing in the dark
with immortal light in my heart.

I accept.

Sweet dreams! With much love, Timea


Mandala of silence

There is time for music, laughter and self expression and there is time for complete silence. Learn when to stop and take a step back to see the whole picture.

Enjoy this peaceful moment and be thankful for it with all your being. Regain your energy, find new wisdom and prepare for the next step.

Love and Light.

Mandala by Timea Varga, digital media, 2011

Passion mandala

You can make all your dreams come true by sacrificing your laziness and waking up your true passion. Believe in yourself and organize your life around your dream.

Sometimes you may be confused by all the different paths you can take. Well the choice is always yours and there is nothing to be afraid of! Your heart will always guide you into the right direction. Choose the path that brings you joy, the one you will be able to walk on with passion. However sometimes you will not be able to understand why did you end up in some place or relationship. Be patient. time will give you all the answers.

Don’t take life to seriously, after all its just a ride. Enjoy it as much as you can and live it with passion and purpose!

You are beautiful and you deserve to be loved!

Mandala by Timea Varga, mixed media, 2012

Water Spirit mandala

I am the Spirit of the Water.
I am the Great Mother of Life.

As I travel the World,
The song of the Moon keeps me in motion.

I form valleys and mountains.
I wash away all poison.

I am the keeper of all secrets.
My knowledge is infinite.

I am a part of you.
And you are a part of me.
I gave you birth and I keep you alive.

Elemental mandala by Timea Varga, color pencil, 2012

Mandala of Divine Consciousness

We are all one and every separation is an illusion!

Compassion toward all beings is essential in order to reach true spiritual enlightenment. Never judge or criticize, just accept everyone for who they are. If you can help – ACT, when you must walk away – GO.

Life is a game. Enjoy it to its fullest but try to play it fair. Today it’s fashionable to believe that being selfish is a virtue, but there is a big difference between selfishness and self-esteem. One is powerful Ego, the other is strong Spirit. However in some situations you will need your Ego in order to survive. So don’t fight it, just accept it!

When you find yourself in a challenging situation with someone, don’t waste your energy on trying to change him, neither changing yourself for him. Focus on accepting your differences. Your mind is the only thing you can control.

BE AWARE OF YOUR THOUGHTS! You are the only thinker in your Universe and you are responsible for what you think of others.

Make peace with your Self and honor everyone, because….


What you create today inside, will manifest tomorrow outside.

Crown chakra mandala by Timea, color pencils, 2007

Heart chakra mandala

Dearest friends! The mandala oracle is back! Its been nearly a month since I last wrote and I feel hat the time is right for a new message. :)

If you want love, start with loving yourself!

Take good care of your body and do what it takes to keep your Spirit uplifted and strong. Never search your happiness in others, because only you are responsible for your life! Those who are sad, cannot give happiness, and those who are angry with themselves, can never be satisfied. If you are not quite happy with your life, your looks or your personality change something and accept the things that cannot be changed!  Learn to make yourself happy! The key of change is inside your heart! Your pure, magnificent, loving heart!

It is magic in creating our reality, because in general its all about perspective. There is no straight line between good and bad. In every bad thing, there is a hidden blessing, and in every good lies a possibility of suffering. So no matter where you are, always remember that you are in the right place at the right moment and your Soul needs that experience in order to learn and grow. Everything has its purpose! We all have past traumas, we all have suffered, we all experienced loss and failure. But all these painful experiences made us stronger and wiser too!

Trust your Creator, God, Universe, Angels or whoever you believe guides you! You are deeply loved and you can be happy if you want to! Its only a matter of choice! Make the decision today! Forgive yourself, be hopeful and positive! Take care of yourself, be gentle, love yourself and create yourself a life that brings you love and happiness!


Heart Chakra Mandala by Timea Varga, 2007

Mandala of knowledge

There comes a time, when we have to forget everything we were thought and remember the sacred knowledge we brought with us when we were born. It is more difficult to forget then to learn, but only with perfect trust in you own abilities and qualities will you be able to live a fulfilling life. You have to find your purpose, you have to figure out what do you want to do in your life! Until you don’t have a clear vision, you are just searching in the dark.

Listen to you heart! Deep inside you know what do you need to do!
Go for it, make it happen!

There are no borders or limitations. You can become anything you like and you can go anywhere you want. There is always a way, however sometimes you will have to work very hard to get there! Achieving a dream was never meant to be easy!

Have faith, be brave and persist!

There are no outer forces controlling your life! Only You have the power to shape or even change your destiny. Don’t let fear get in your way!

You are the Master of your life! Live and grow and never mind what others think you should do. Live joyfully and spread your light in your own unique way!

Mandala by Timea Varga, acrylic on canvas, 2009

Mandala of cleansing

Clear your space, your body and your mind from all the negative energies of the past! Our home is the place where we clear and feed our bodies, where we find shelter from cold winters, hot summers and illness. The place where after a stressful day we find peace and balance and can rejuvenate again. No matter if it’s a luxurious palace or a bungalow, our home is the place where we gain back our strength. Our physical body needs it.

Always keep your home clean and airy! Because when your home is filled with clutter or hundreds of objects its energy becomes heavy and restless and it just can’t serve you anymore. It becomes a burden, just like a cluttered mind.

It is very important to get rid of things you never use or things that don’t serve you anymore. Make place for the new! Applying Feng Shui can also help to make your home a sacred place.

Do the same with your negative thoughts, your past traumas, anger and fears. Get rid of them in order to keep your inner temple clean and sacred.

People often fight about, whether the glass is half full or half empty. No matter what your answer to that question is, what is important it can be still filled up.

The real challenge comes, when the glass is full and there is no place for fresh water. It has to be emptied in order to keep the energy healthy and floating. It is very important to learn that one lifetime has countless beginnings and endings and we have to let go of certain things both in material and emotional ways.

Don’t measure abundance and personal success in how many things you’ve collected in your life! Material prosperity is transient, spiritual prosperity is eternal.

A truly rich person is one with a wise Spirit, a clear Mind and a loving Heart!

Mandala by Timea Varga, digital media, 2012

Touch of healing

God bless the week, may we understand that we are the creators of our own illnesses and only we can heal ourselves.

Every disease can be healed. We just have to take an active role in finding out why we got sick. What do we have to learn? What parts of our lives do we need to change? Illness is just a passing thing and its a normal reaction of the organism to trauma and stress.  It is up to the individual how long does it take place.

There are so many people among us who have the power of healing and they can help you find out what massage does your illness hold. They can give you a recipe of how to get rid of destructive habits or negative thinking. But again you are responsible for you health! If you don’t follow the given guidelines and you are not willing to change, then nobody can help you. So be open and ready to change!

Change is a constant, don’t fight it, accept it and live it! See yourself as a healthy and balanced person, full of vital energy! Your body is working perfectly! Look inside, learn the truth and take action now!

Personal Mandala by Timea Varga, colored pencils, 2010

The mandala of partnership

True sacredness comes from honoring each other. Honoring our differences, honoring each others goals, honoring each others burdens, honoring each others Gods.

We have to stop living like Life was a competition and start living as live is a game.
Because at the end, there will be no winners and no losers, We are all the same.

So why compete, when we can play it together? Why be better then others, when we together can be stronger the any individual? You seek harmony in your relationships? Stop trying to be better then others and stop being judgmental!

Don’t judge the ones who judge! Help them!

Every relationship we develop serves the purpose of helping us to become more conscious! The mandala is singing:

Honor One Another! Accept, be compassionate and thrive together!

Sacral chakra mandala by Timea Varga, colored pencil, 2007

The Mandala of Love

Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is forgiving. Love is infinite. Without love there would be no Life and Earth would be deserted and cold. Maybe there would be no Earth at all. Because Love is the magic that makes Life possible! Every single cell of your body, every atom and all the particles are made from universal, limitless Love.

The mandala sings to you: Surrender to the healing power of Love!

You don’t have to learn how to love, because love isn’t something one most know, love is something one has to feel. So stop trying to love yourself and rather learn to accept yourself. Because the spring of love is already inside your heart and it is always present! By accepting yourself willingly just as you are, with all your imperfectness, love will instantly shine trough the surface and it will grow into a river, which will wash away every doubt and fear from your life.

Just accept yourself and you will experience the healing power of unconditional love!You will transform and your life will change in a magical way!

Let there be love! Now and always! Amen

Mandala by Timea Varga with elfin symbol Amar Nat, colored pencil, 2009

Mandala of forgiving and forgetting

Yesterday is history. It cannot be changed. It is time to move on!

Everybody makes mistakes sometimes. I have seen so many broken hearts, lost jobs, ending friendships, death and other losses. And I also saw that every ending brought a key to a brighter future. So it is very important to learn how to go pass the difficult times in our lives. Because if you cannot move on, you get stuck or worse – ill. And who wants that? I know I don’t!

So…Relax! Just breath in and as you breathe out slowly, release all your anger, all your sadness, all your shame and blame. Forgive yourself and everyone else who hurt you in the past. You will feel much lighter and at peace. Repeat this as many times as needed.

Remember: Time can and will heal even your deepest wounds. Hold on! You will be alright! Release, forgive and let go! And say out loud: Let there be Love!

Mandala by Timea Varga with elfin symbol Ulur Balor, colored pencil on paper, 2009