Mandala of gentleness

Love yourself deeply, without conditions! In order to be able to take good care of yourself you have to find your Inner Mother and make peace with her. She wants you to be happy, safe and healthy and she can teach you how to be gentle with your Inner Child and nurture yourself with love.

She can help you overcome past traumas and show you how to grow beautiful roses of compassion and forgiveness in your Soul’s garden . She is your guide and protector. Ask her for help when you have to fight your fears.

Be gentle and understanding with your children, family and partner. Accept and love yourself! This will transform your Heart and Spirit and bring healing into all your relationships!

Love and be loved! You deserve it!

Personal mandala by Timea, 2010

Guardian Angel Mandala

Dear Friends! A few busy days are coming, therefore I will not be able to post daily mandalas. But I’ll be back as soon as possible with a whole new mandala series. Till then take care and follow me on Facebook or Twitter! Love, Timea

You are guided, protected and deeply loved now and forever! Even in the darkest and loneliest hours your angels are always beside you! You are never alone!

Mandala by Timea Varga, 2007